The Anti-Mororist Motorist

Since cyclists are all ready stigmatized in the US, I try to downplay the fact that I ride a bicycle at all in order to have more harmonious relationships with my peers.

That’s right, cycling may be a “right” and legal, but in social terms, it can be one small step above admitting to dog fighting.

This is why, I NEVER complain about motorists to motorists: they tend to have a very thin skin and to be very insecure whenever I mention the most innoculous thing about automobiles.

However, other motorists have the priviledge to whine about one another.

Here’s a very, very stupid person whining:

We all makes mistakes. Only some of them are crimes.

“The verdict was probably the right one, deeply unsatisfying as it may be to loved ones. As motorists, we are, in effect, legally allowed to commit errors, even serious ones, without ending up in handcuffs.”

Um, yes, anyone who reads Biking In LA knows this. However, motorists are shocked at this all the time.

“Every driver makes mistakes, we mortals with airbags.

And if there were criminal charges every time we had a lapse in judgment on the road, we’d all be in jail.”

Basically, he’s saying that everyone is too incompetent to drive safely. Um, if you are incompetent to drive because of drinking, you will lose your license and get fined. But if you are basically a bumbling idiot when sober and you choose to drive, is this not the same?

If I freely choose to do something that I know could kill someone and then it does kill someone, am I not at fault?


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