“Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?”

This quote, to me, sums up the punk ethic: good music, shitty ideas, worse politics.


For some reason, there’s this toxic idea that “Government can’t do anything right.”

Unfortunately, there hasn’t been any solution to government in creating and solving a great deal of problems.

Worse, this whole notion creates a complete sense of selfishness and lack of gratitude.

I recently realized this when I heard that a number of articulate and intelligent people think that we are getting screwed in our water bills.

That’s total nonsense because we are getting handouts from Colorado and LA.

Thus, instead of feeling a sense of gratitude which is a happy and healthy feeling due to the facts, these people had an uneasy sense that they were being ripped off based upon the underlying beliefs that I spoke of above.

The same can be said of our transportation system. It’s all subsidized at the federal level. We are NOT paying in what we are getting out–if we were we wouldn’t be in debt.

The only people who are NOT getting much of anything from the government is the homeless. The police harass them; they seldom help. In fact, one time an officer bought a homeless person shoes and it was so strange it was a viral news story! Rob a bank and see how quickly the system will come after you. Defraud a few thousand homes and nothing will happen if you are “too big to fail.”

The point is that the more you get from the government the more likely you are to hate and to be contemptuous of it.

Similarly, the car free cyclists, for the most part get nothing from the government, but we welcome anything that they might do, in the future, to make things safer for us. In contrast, the Quisling advocates who are totally motoring dependent, and thus get a healthy government ration of roads and parking are skeptical that the government will help us.

I don’t have any solution, but I am trying to purge myself of toxic ideas–all abstract ideas really–in order to try to see the world more as it really is.

There are a lot of bad things that the government has done over the years, but regarding our basic existence: food, water, electricity, and so on, we are doing very, very, very well, and I think that it’s wholly patriotic and intelligent to have a strong sense of love and gratitude for our country.

Sure we should criticize the lame-ass agencies–hello NHTSA!–but at the same time we should acknowledge, with open eyes, the wonderful ways that a strong federal government with wise intervention can enhance our freedom by allowing us to have electric lights all the time and not when the “market” allows like Enron wanted. We are free to enjoy fresh and clean water from a tap instead of walking down the street for a few miles with buckets on our head.

Let’s let go of juvenile punk fantasies and blind hatred and open ourselves to a little love and gratitude and courage to enjoy them.


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