Scofflaw Cyclists: A Non-Existent Problem?


However, I do not think that scofflaw cyclists is a significant problem.

Are they annoying? Yes, they are an annoyance, but not a problem. Like flies (in the US)–they are a problem in other countries, true. Sure a fly kills a person or two in the US, but overall, they are minor nuisance. Very, very annoying, but something that need to be swatted on an individual basis, in most cases.

If fact, we know that the whole phrase scofflaw cyclist is biased, and it’s there for an anti-cycling agenda.

Normal and sane advocates want us all to behave better so that we increase happiness, courtesy, and decrease collisions especially harmful ones.

Targeting a specific group which causes a lesser amount of harm is a total waste of resources.

Like I said before, if you mess up on a bicycle, you very well may get the death penalty. While this is true with motoring, the danger is much more apparent on a bicycle which in my opinion is a good thing. Getting comfortable causes one to take more risks.

So before we burn millions more public dollars at the altar of the few people who have an unbalanced hatred of cyclists, let’s rather focus on bigger problems.

If we are to ban one class of vehicles from the roads, I vote for larger trucks because they kill the most number of people.

This notion is called triage where we deal with the bigger and easier problems.

Once we have roadway deaths down to a dozen or so, we can focus on those evil scofflaws that kill a pedestrian two if we are unlucky.

One Response to “Scofflaw Cyclists: A Non-Existent Problem?”

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    […] in Old Town San Diego. Cycling Unbound says once we reduce roadway deaths down to a dozen or so, then we can focus on those evil scofflaw cyclists. A Santa Rosa cyclist is injured trying to avoid an apparent dooring; a perfect example of why […]

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