Orlando Sentinal: Yellow Journalism

Once again, a head nod to Ted for writing my blog for me:


Every time a “journalist” sits down to write about cycling, uniformed garbage comes out of his word processor:


If you hate bikes, that’s fine. I can live with that.

But why do you have to spew stupid, uninformed rants?

Here’s my favorite quote:

“We encourage bike-friendly communities and back bike paths and lanes. But, to paraphrase MetroPlanner Bob Dallari, we’re not willing to spend outrageous sums to build death traps.”


Almost every road in Orlando is too big and thus overpriced.

They are all death traps as Orlando is the deadliest city when it comes to cycling.

So they shouldn’t build any roads at all, I guess according to this mindless drivel.

It gets worse.

They want to enforce the ban on cycling on the freeways!


And do what? Build cycle tracks?

They are talking about a million dollars. They don’t seem to say how much freeway this is going to be, but they call it a “pretty penny”? Really? Compared with what?

Did they actually like at how microscopically small the amount is when it compares to building roads for cars.

It’s a little insulting and petty to OK billions for making the roads more dangerous for cycling and then bitch and moan about a few crumbs falling from the budgetary table.

Like I wrote about before, I rode on the freeway WITHOUT SPECIAL ROAD TREATMENTS and it was fine. At night. It felt safer then the shroads that I was forced on, previously, because the quiet roads are all selfish cul-de-sacs.

If they put a million bucks on the 15 freeway, I’d take it, daily to work. I’d get to work faster. The only down side is less hills.


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