What Can Cabo Do?

Recently, Jim, asked what he thought that the community could do to make cycling better. Brilliant question!

Here are some things.

Things to Stop Now:

1. Stop calling yourself an expert and forget all you know. Question all your thoughts as if they were from a stranger.

2. Renounce VCism and all of its tenets.

3. Burn your copies of Effective Cycling and Cycle Craft. Toss out your LCI and stop putting these titles after your name. For now on, you are citizen not LCI.

4. Burn your lycra, helmets, yellow safety vests and other affects that suggests that cycling is akin to that of a construction worker. From now on, wear the same clothes on a bicycle as you would in your car.

5. Get rid of your car and ride your bicycle everywhere.

6. Forget the idea that you have things to teach. You are here to listen now. Don’t correct others on their cycling style.

Things to Commit to:

1. Listen to the community. Talk to homeless people, minorities, women, children and more all over San Diego. Spend the most time speaking with those who want to cycle, but say that it cant’. Write down all the things that they want and advocate for that.

2. If it’s cycling related advocate for it. If you’re not sure it’s a good idea, say nothing. Let the lawyers lawyer and the engineers engineer. Your job is to speak in favor of things, or if you can’t remain silent.

3. Commit to and immediately recruit fifty percent women and minorities to the CABO board. Until this is done, suspend all further activities.


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