1. Why this blog?

I would like to promote happiness between all forms of transportation. However, I am specifically a bicycle advocate.

From personal experience, I have found a great deal of joy in cycling. I also love to walk, but I have to start somewhere, and for me, cycling is more practical. I do dream of a world where walking is easier as well.

2. Do you hate cars?

No. I have no animosity towards anyone or anything.

3. What do you want to accomplish?

Big picture goal is that when people make a decision for transportation, nobody is forcing their hand. I don’t want people to avoid the bus because it’s looked down on, inconvenient, diry, or unsafe, for example. I don’t wish people to drive because they feel they have no choice. I don’t want people to avoid cycling because they fear that motorists will laugh at them, throw things at them, or run them down.

Thus, I am looking for major infrastruture changes. This is going to require people to examine their priorities. I think that everyone wants to be safe.

However, the way things are, the priority is on speed of motor traffic without a lot of thought given to effiency, safety, nor to rational alternatives. It’s as if people are encouraged to act as if they are at a race track. I think people are responding to this pressure, and they suffer as a result.

I’d like the journey to be part of the equation. When I go out, I expect to enjoy the trip as much as the destination. Right now, we seem to be interested in shuffling people from one place to another as fast as possible. For example, if you look at a highway or parking lot, it’s fairly ugly. Contrast this to a dedicated bicycle path or a sidewalk.

I feel that motorists are experiencing, daily, a great deal of negative emotions and instead of looking at the big picture, they pick one small thing in their immediate view and focus their rage on them. This explains why motorists shoot one another and other auto-enabled criminal behavior.

4. You want to tell people how to get around.

From the very beginning, people are facing subtle and not so subtle pressure in terms of transportation. I’d actually like to remove some of that pressure and open up more choices.

In no way do I feel like I can or should force people one way or another in their personal decisions. As things are right now, I feel external pressure to own and operate an automobile. I’d like to remove this pressure from myself and from others.

If I could force on thing on people it would be to smile. I don’t care how you get around, I feel you should enjoy it. This goes especially to those that choose to tie up a great deal of their family budget in an expensive truck. Now that you own such a great treasure, I think it should bring you great joy.


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