Complete Streets

I’m currently working on a page about mean streets. I’m going to make it a page and not a post because I need something a bit more permanant, and yet something that will be updated just like my badass Quisling page is.

Ultimately, there are going to be at least two broad categories:

1. Things in instrinsic to the street

2. Cyclists reaction to #1

For now, I’m going to just list everything:

1. Do not need to wear flashing lights nor yellow vests to be safe. 🙂

2. Do not need to “sprint”, EVER, to feel safe. You can go at your own speed and feel fine. For me this is sub-eight miles an hour.

3. Feel OK about having a 7 year old to ride with you.

4. Can ride two abreast.

5. Can call an emergency line if one is harassed by a motorist and one can expect a swift and just response so this motorist doesn’t just pass through the Magic Revolving Door which is the occurs due to the Motorist Exemption.


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