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Activism 101

September 23, 2009

I have been wanting, for a long time, to get involved in cycling activism. My ideas on this finally caught fire when I attended the first meeting to make Critical Mass safer and more enjoyable for cyclists, pedestrians, and motorists.

Below are some notes from the meeting:


1.There’s a web site for critical mass on myspace:
2.Bad idea to go on Coronado Bridge
– someone could fall
– not in the interest of advocacy or critical mass
– could spur crackdown like in NYC
– tasers were deployed when people tried to recross bridge

3.Perhaps CM could be used to petition to open the bridge.
– Not part of actual CM, could petition at fountain
– bridge is last part of Bay Shore Bikeway

4. What you do on CM represents all cyclists.

5. Crasher, in the Reader, threatened riders:

6. Need creative ways to advocate safety
– critical mass safety guide online
– peace patrol – positive -retro
– goal #1 stop people from getting hit by motorists

7. Last ride a rider hit a pedestrian at Centre Street in Hillcrest. They were both hospitalized.

8. corking
– communicate with motorist
– thank them for waiting
– sometimes it’s better to let them through
– WARN other cyclists if the motorist is going to drive through, but get out of the way

9. circling
– shouldn’t be aggressive
– should be used sparingly

10. police
– more or less invovement?
– Don’t wish to be co-opted
– police bike patrol involvement?
– Bike officers rejected writing on bike blog; police don’t do advocacy

11. speed
– some people go too fast at start which breaks up the mass
– vetren riders are left out—no leadership
– liquor store stops to slow things down—don’t stay too long, ride loses momentum
– circling is not the answer

12.information distribution
– flyer on internet
– comics are easier to understand and read
– need to make flyer valuable and entertaining
– sdbikecommuter
– flyering campus
– map back to the park
– list of places to go to and to NEVER go to
– “Do you have health insurance?” as a hook

13. listserv

14. bike kitchen 9 AM – 1 PM Saturday at 43rd and Whitman

15. petition ideas
– Balboa bridge is costly and not high priority
– Sharrows
– Center City/City Heights East of 805 needs more infrastructure-