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Cycling Neighborhoods: Talmadge Canyon Park

September 7, 2011

Everyday of the week, when I ride down Fairmount Street Hill into the valley, I pass very few neighborhoods because the sides of the canyon are like a sand castle.

Sand castle walls of Fairmount Street Hill

Sand castle walls of Fairmount Street Hill

However, after one of the first merges, there’s another potential merge with people coming out of a street that I don’t think too much about.

Some of the motorists, like a military dude, were really kind and made it clear that I could safely merge. Others like some lady, actually pulled out into the bicycle lane, right in front of me forcing me to pass on the left because I didn’t want to rear end her.

Thus, I do think about the vehices, but only when I had to stop one day due to crap in my lane, did I actually go and explore the street which had a sign which said: Talmadge Canyon Park.

Talmadge Canyon Park Sign

Talmadge Canyon Park (sic) what a misnomer!

A smaller writer would mock this sign as it is totally nonsense. Talmadge is a nice neighborhood which is really quiet, and this is a neighborhood which is totally disconnected from the former. It’s an oasis next to a highway and unlike the real Talmadge has zero walkability to restuarants, grocery stores, and any other amenity besides a little swimming pool.

Also, it’s not a park; it’s a housing development. I don’t get why these assholes continue to use misnomers from the strip mall called a village to the cafe which does NOT allow you to drink coffee and read a book to the housing development called a park. It’s annoying because it’s confusing to me.

I felt a little like a spy going into the “park” which is not normally how I feel. Usually there’s a spot where I can sit down, but this was very uninviting.

However, the people inside were really kind and I didn’t see any homeless camping out; I doubt they would have lasted long in this private development disguised as a  “park.”

Despite the speed limit of 55 MPH outside, inside the park it was 10. That’s right 10 MPH.

In San Diego, the speed limits are often very high because people fear for their “safety” and they need good traffic through put. I guess that’s just for other people’s neighborhoods! 🙂

I could not do more than 5 MPH while climbing the hills.

55 to 10 MPH!

55 to 10 MPH!

This photo gives no real indication of how steep this hill really was. It was as steep as B Street. The area only went back like a tenth of a mile. Outside was a roaring death trap. Inside it was cozy and quiet.

Still, I felt it was a bit like an island prison.

When I see people living in places like this, I realize that between my mind and the residents lies this huge canyon of ideas that I struggle each day to bridge, but continue to fail at.