1. Traffic by Tom Vanderbilt

If you only read one book from the whole list, this is the one.

2. Joy Ride by Mia Burke

What can I say? If you meet Mia and all you can comment on is how far into traffic she rides, you’re a tool. Mia made Portland into the Portland we know and love. How can you go wrong? This book reminds you that Portland was NOT the cycling mecca we know it to be, and she tells you how she got there.

I have not yet read this book, but I know many who rave about it.

Mia first alerted me to the fact that one of the biggest impediment to cycling infrastructure was the local fire department who, as I addressed in a blog post, make shit up because they hate bikes so much. Abusing their power by preying on our fear of fire, they continue to champion designs which kill more people than all the fires in the US. Nice trade-off.

3. Effective Cycling by John Forrester

This book needs to be read along side it’s allegedy only source which is the Ken Cross study as Effective Cycling contradicts nearly everything in Ken’s landmark study.

I don’t disagree 100% with this book, but Forresters is mainly full of bullshit.

This, book, however, actually presents a more moderate version of the insane philosophy, which contradicts nearly everything that we know about road design.


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