I was born in 1973. I learned to cycle and loved it…until I turned 15. At that time, I put away childish things and began to wish for an automobile.

At 24, a good friend of mine reintroduced cycling to me. By this time, I was disenchanted by the automobile dream.

As a student, I found the automobile to be a huge financial burden. When I moved to Philadelphia, I learned that it is possible to move people around  more efficiently than automobiles. I felt it was strange that most decisions in the US are made, in part, out of efficiency, except for transportation.

My big wake up was in the form of a letter. A bill actually for $750 dollars to insure my $750 automobile for one year. When I asked people why I had to pay the actual price of the car each year to insure the car, I was told that this was because I was actually insuring other people against myself. I decided that they were right. My driving was a huge risk to other people so I stopped doing it.

I went through an immature phase where I wanted to let everyone know the findings in transportation. When I was met by hostility and indifference, I despaired.

Then I found out about Buddhism, and I’m all better now.

A dozen years later, I have decided that a more rational transportation system is a worthy use of my time. However, I decided that I would do this on a mass basis rather than debating with individuals. This is similar to the history of the automobile. Little changes were made by the government to encourage people to purchase autos. I felt that only if people had a more level playing field, they could freely make a decision that is rational for them.


2 Responses to “About”

  1. YouStillSawIt Says:

    Do you live in Philly now? I hope you make a wrong turn and end up somewhere deep past 45th and Baltimore. Man you suck.

    • Fred Says:


      I used to live in that area, and I cycled regularly.

      I also lived in North Philly behind Temple Hospital and deep in South Philly as well as Center City.

      The food is excellent on Baltimore.

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