Lies That Anti-Cyclists Tell Us: Part I

For years, I have been trying to get anti-cyclists to speak up and tell us, the normal people of the world who hold rational and balanced views on cycling, what the anti-cycling fuss is? Why so much hate over a guy with a piece of metal between his legs?

All the reasons that anti-cyclists give for their opposition to cycling infrastructure turns out not to be true.

So what is it?

This post won’t answer this question, but it will go over a few lies that anti-cyclists tell us.

1. The biggest lie is that “I’m in favor of cycling, but…” Again, I can only speculate on why people say this.

My best guess is that they consider themselves nice people who don’t want to be called out on their bullshit.

The thing is that while they smile, they’ll stab you in the back with their anti-cycling daggers.

See the word “but” often negate what is said before it. If there’s a but, we don’t hear the first part.

Thus, if you say, “I’m in favor of cycling” the next bit you should say is that for real infrastructure experts to build the infrastructure. That’s it.


Is that what these “cycling lovers” do?

Hell no.

The proceed to take back all they gave us.

“I’m in favor of cycling, but I won’t give up a single parking space.”

“I’m in favor of cycling, but I won’t give up a single travel lane.”

“I’m in favor of cycling, but I listen while I tell a story that makes cyclists out to be criminals.”

“I’m in favor of cycling, but I don’t favor better legal protection.”

“I’m in favor of cycling, but I’d like them to register their bicycles and wear helmets.”

And so on.

Guess what?

This is lie number one. Those who oppose things that will make cycling safer, more convenient, or more comfortable are anti-cycling. Also, those who want to make cycling more difficult, more dangerous, more expensive or less convenient are also anti-cycling. This includes mandatory helmet laws, increased cycling ticketing, and even “education” which tells cyclists how to ride. (I’m looking at you Cycling Saavy/VC/LCI). This does NOT include education which helps someone who isn’t confident to ride such as the courses taught in SF because they are voluntary and they don’t use the existence of their classes to blame people for their deaths. (If he only took the lane). (sic)


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