Speed Kills Myths

Speed Kills Myths


It starts out by admitting that actually speed does kill. Then it back pedals to talk about how speed limits are too low for “conditions”.

In many ways I agree, I think “conditions should change”.

That is, in contrast to those who made this video, I am 100% against enforcement of speed limits. I think all speed limit signs should be removed and enforcement should only be done when the motorist “exceeds conditions” which is a judgment call for the police officer. This is one of the standards for enforcing the speed limit now so this isn’t really a big change.

So I actually agree with the sentiment of the video, but, as usual, my videos are a lot less milquetoast than their’s.

This policy would educate communities that in order to slow people down, they should use traffic calming.

However, my dreams are not reality and the makers of these videos are not advocating anything that’s feasible. In fact, they get a lot of their “facts” wrong.

For example, I don’t know the laws in Canada, where the video was made, but in the United States, according to the 85% percentile, and a law that has no basis in safety, requires continual raising of speed limits by law. This is one law that, at least in the US, that we refuse to bend. Knowing this, it’s absurd to think that “speed limits are too low.”

They didn’t get by a minute and a half before they dropped the “socialist” canard. All ready they are admitting every fact that I agree with but trying to emotionally manipulate one to doubt them.

Then it goes on to whine about speeding tickets. What happened to the law? Do we just routinely ignore laws that we don’t like?

I won’t repeat the links to where it shows that motoring speed is directly proportional to traffic deaths. This is the basis of “speed kills”. The video can not refute this fact.

Here’s the thing that really got me:

“I don’t want to ruin the crux of the story and the evidence, but the use of actual facts and logic to get rid of the notion that lower speed limits is mind blowing,”


To me what’s mind blowing is the sheer level of carnage and the total level of callousness this video and post has to the millions of people who die in motor vehicle accidents. You’d think that they would even mention this fact since it’s the most salient part of the entire debate!

Instead they have law breakers, criminals in other venues, whining that they have to pay for breaking the law. The only reason that they are not arrested and incarcerated for their anti-social behavior is because the breaking of the laws is so common and flagrant that we don’t have enough jails to put people in. Also, because this is one of the few cases where “the public” overwhelming supports the killers of innocent people.

I suggest a better use of the brilliant “facts and logics” minds of those who made this video would be instead of whining about proper and just law enforcement, they should figure out how to stop motorists from killing so many people.

I suggest traffic calming, but I’m sure that these people would rather like to drive recklessly without any consequences even when they kill people. Then we’ll hear the same old insulting Motoring Trinity about “cyclists running traffic signs”, yellow vests, and helmets.


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