Do Vision Problems Kill More People Than Alcohol?

There was a blog post not long ago who talked about how he was passed,
safely, by thousands of cars a year while cycling. So clearly all
these people saw him. Thus, he was visible. That is established fact.
Otherwise they would not have gone around him. Since he was visible
and a driver hit him anyway that means that CYCLIST VISIBILITY is NOT
the problem.

Otherwise, we would have been all dead long ago. This is awesome b/c
it kills off the whole yellow vest bullshit once and for all.

Not only that but since we are visible and aren’t seen and a motorist
says “they didn’t see us” this should mean a vision test at the scene.
Officers all ready conduct field sobriety (psychology) and breath
tests (analytical chemistry) why not optician (eye tests)?

Not only that but we need to collect stats on how many drivers say
phrases like “didn’t see him” and “came out of no where”. I suspect
that motorist reported vision difficulty kills more cyclists than
drinking and driving.

If so, then we need to seriously address vision as a problem and deny
people licenses when they report vision problems.


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