Collectivized Transportation

I find it to highly hilarious that the party of “rugged individualism” has collectivized transportation in terms of motoring by building Soviet Style Transportation Architecture.


I thought bicycles were for commies?

Um, no. Cycling is almost universally hated. Thus, it has to be done by someone with a thick skin who doesn’t swing the way of the masses.

So here are some reasons that motoring, as it is done in the United States, is Soviet Style.

1. Soulless architecture. Just like the massive concrete blocks that serve as housing, the US motoring industry takes our beautiful environment and turns it into miles and miles of straight and wide concrete that looks the same no matter where you are America. Just like the Soviets wanted to melt all the nations into a gray amorphous mass, the motoring industry homogenizes the landscape of our once beautiful country.

2. Use of mental illness as a way of dealing with criticism. In the Soviet Union, dissidents were put into mental hospitals to discredit them. Under the motoring regime, we constantly hear how cyclists are “crazy for riding with the sharks.” In reality, cycling is a sane decision that is demonstrably superior to motoring in a vast majority of the cases where it’s given minimal support by the powers that be. Thus, the system needs to maintain the illusion that cycling is dangerous and crazy and we are denied all but the most rudimentary and sometimes insulting of resources.

3. Appeal to the masses over the individual. Roads and parking are made everywhere, whether we want them or not. Similarly, for the most part, provisions are made for motoring at the expense of all other modes of transportation.

The language used for this is to deny the rights of the individual and to marginalize one’s personal choices. “Everyone drives anyway” is a way of taking money and public space from individuals to give to the motoring collective.

4. Forced collectivization. In the Soviet Union, farms were taken by the government from individual farmers in order to build massive collective farms which were controlled by the state.

Our once vibrant and variable streets were taken by the Motoring Collective and turned into uniform areas under their control which is in the form of “standards”.

5. Totalitarian decision making. We never vote on freeway expansion or free parking minimum requirements. The only time we get to vote is to vote AGAINST cycling. Again, this is not done by individuals but by party members such as Small Business Owners. The safety of the individual is sacrificed to the motoring masses.

6. Massive propaganda programs. In the Soviet Union, people started to catch on that their lives sucked and that people’s lives were better elsewhere. In order to stave off dissent, the citizens were bombarded by the incessant messages that communism is best. Every time you hear someone say that there are “no alternatives to driving” or that “cycling is done by arrogant people”, you are hearing messages that are encouraged by the propaganda machine. Despite this massive public brainwashing, a few individuals assert their minimal rights to get around by cycling.

7. Government sponsored looting. In the Soviet Union the government took money away from individuals and pooled it in the hands of party members. In our Motoring Collective, the profits for cars and their maintenance take money away from each individual and give it to the very few profit holders in the motoring industry. Since motoring is all but mandated by the government, this is government enforced looting of the individual in order to give to Motoring Party Members.

In contrast, I have saved thousands of dollars each year. Instead of praising this individualism, I’m often told that I am a leech on society who “does not pay the road tax.” This silly phrase doesn’t take into account that the expensive road is necessary due to the massive costs of motoring. Thus, the “road tax” would not exist in its form if motoring were not so heavily subsidized by forced looting.


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