Helmets Negatively Affect Cycling Perceptions II

Continuing where we left off yesterday. From the survey:

“Only 12% were self-reported helmet users; the
majority (72%) reported not wearing a helmet and having no intention to do so in the future.”

CDC [http://wonder.cdc.gov/wonder/prevguid/m0036941/m0036941.asp]

“Although bicycle helmets provide effective protection against bicycle-related head injury, only approximately 18% of bicyclists wear helmets all or most of the time.”

Also, the CDC notes how unlikely a person who’s hospitalized for head injury is to be adult: “During the same years, greater than 75% of persons treated in emergency departments for bicycle-related head injury were less than 15 years of age.”

“Conversely, in a study of patients warranting emergency room care for a serious bicycle-related head injury, only 4% of patients had been wearing helmets.”

But only 6% of the adults are there for head injury anyway so this would not have made a difference in the vast majority of cases. Why they are fixating on such a tiny number is beyond me.


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