Cult of Death Cycling

I have to confess that, with a few exceptions, I have completely stopped reading cycling blogs because all they talk about is how shitty motorists bully and kill cyclists.

While I still maintain that these bloggers are saints because we do need to have coverage of these things which are so common as to not be “newsworthy” anymore, I don’t want to read them on a daily basis. I know that there are bad people in the world, and that cyclists are dying. Dwelling on this, day in and day out, was just depressing me and making me sad.

Also, I find that my day to day commute does NOT resemble any of these blogs. I don’t see much death nor do I get harassed very much. I’d like to say not at all, but overall, I don’t really pay attention too much to stupid shit motorists do. It just doesn’t serve me to do so.

As I have posted earlier, during my cycling commute, I strive to constantly pay attention to what happens around me and to meditate. For me, the meditation is not a distraction, but rather it’s part of the ride. Sometimes I’m focused on the sounds in my environment, other times I’m making sure I’m not tensing my body, and still others I’m praying for the well being of all those around me which is mostly motorists. When I lose myself, I’m sprinting up a hill with anger or I’m composing, in my mind, a cycling blog post. I try to do the latter activities as little as possible.

Still, it’s tough to write, day in and day out, blog posts about how happy I am. People don’t seem to want to hear it and motorists, especially those who hadn’t been on a bicycle since they came of motoring age, don’t want to believe it.

Plus, nobody is going to learn much if I keep repeating myself.

But I just want people to know that despite all the media hype, cycling is just fine. This does not mean that we should not make VAST improvements to our infrastructure. I do NOT expect people to have to play Buddha in order to ride a bicycle. I’m far from Buddha–I still have flashes of anger at a system which priortizes hunks of metal and plastic over human flesh. I’m well aware that if someone slashes the tires, they will throw the book at someone (as they should) but if a car kills someone then getting justice is not so assured.

But worrying about these things take away from what really matters in life.

I do think about death everyday, but I try to make these thoughts positive, to think about how I want to look back on my life.

When I die do I want to do so with a smile on my face or with anger?

Cycling should be about celebrating life to its fullest. Everyday that I ride, I feel incredibly lucky that I have the luxury. I’d love to share this experience and feelings with everyone.

Long live cycling.


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