When It Comes to Infrastructure Speed Equals Convenience

In a previous post [https://cyclingunbound.wordpress.com/2013/08/08/speed-not-safety-should-be-the-goal-of-infrastructure/], I talked about how I felt that infrastructure should be focused on making bicyle traffic faster rather than just focusing on safer.

While I still stand by this statement, I realized later that was misunderstood.

By faster, I don’t mean that each bicycle is going as fast as possible at all times. What I should have said was more convenient. Specifically what this means is:

1. Making all hills 8% grade or less. To the surprise of many motorists who have grown up driving on freeways which are 6% or less, we actually have technology which can level hills. This is call dynamite and bulldozers. It’s expensive, but it’s a one time cost. Plus, we spend so much money, all ready, to make transportation more comfortable why not continue this trend in the cycling world? Why do we have to pretend that it’s all about safety when CYCLING IS ALL READY ONE OF THE SAFEST MEANS OF TRANSPORTATION AROUND. (My fact checker forced me to say that public transportation is safer than cycling. There! I said it.)

2. Make bicycle connections between corridors go in straight lines. This means bicycle only bridges over canyons, cycle tracks on ALL major roads, using eminant domain to obtain property to build cycling freeways, and to build motoring bridges and detours around major cycling facilities.

3. FACILITIES FOR CYCLING SHOULD NOT BE MULTI-USE. TICKETS SHOULD BE ISSED TO DOG WALKERS, STROLLER JOGGERS, AND NAPPERS WHO GUM UP DEDICATED CYCLING FACILITIES. (I know, we don’t have dedicated cycling facilities. Yet.) We should treat our multi-use sharing brothers and sisters (and dogs) with love and respect. If a trail is multi-use then respect. But you don’t tolerate people standing in the middle of the freeway blathering into his cell phone and we shouldn’t accept this on our future cycle paths, either.

I have not budgeted this, but we could probably due this for a few billion dollars which would mean that we’d have the most convenient transportation system in the country for least amount of money.


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