Current Land Use Policies are Tools of Forced Economic Redistribution

One of the more sensible, but still stupid anti-cycling argument, often made by cyclists themselves, is that San Diego is “too spread out” to ride.

I have pointed out that this is a temporary problem which is currently being addressed by infilling projects which are the natural and proper response to both economic downturns and the increase in local population.

The fact is that people don’t want to sit in traffic for hours each day, but the state highly subsidizes this harmful and undesirable activity.

While there is always whining about the tiny number of people who are projected to use world class cycling infrastructure, from the same people, there is little complaint about the insane amount of money we squander each year to pay people live in the middle of nowhere.

This causes massive problems such as freeway congestions, cost over runs, and now these people are losing their homes to wildfires.

It boggles my mind why the so-called fiscally conservative Republicans who claim to want to “balance the budget” continue to allow those who live far from the center to bankrupt us all.

If we only built more responsibly from the start, we’d have so much money that the pension issue would not be an issue.

Instead, we have a series of hidden taxes and regulation which promote a certain “Way of Life” which benefits the very few by ripping off the rest of us.

Here’s one example:

” The U.S. Federal Communications Commission has wasted hundreds of millions of dollars on telephone subsidies, with some rich areas of the country receiving up to US$23,000 per line per year from the agency’s Universal Service Fund, according to a new study….The result of the program is that poor urban telephone customers are subsidizing rural telephone customers who don’t need the subsidy, Wallsten said. The USF high-cost fund is funded through a tax on long-distance phone service, and the tax is 15.8 percent this year.” []

There are many more ways where the government sponsored pro-sprawl lobby has taxed the rest of us for the very few. For example, the water pipes and electrical lines that go out to houses in the middle of nowhere are paid for by all of us. It takes about 3 million dollars to pay for a single mile of water pipe. So when someone whines that they had to drive 60 minutes to work so that they can live in a slighlty cheaper and slightly larger house, they have wasted up to $180 million dollars of our money!

Next time someone says that we’re too broke to build a way for people to get to work safey, we should suggest that the real freeloaders who make up a tiny fraction of our population are those who live far, far away from our city which costs far too much money and thus causes those budget short falls in the first place.


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