Cyclists Aren’t Special; Cycling Is Special I

It seems like all the morons have decided that there weren’t enough posts and not enough bile in the Unbound world.

Here’s another poorly researched and badly thought out POS:

“Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel introduced an ordinance that would double the fine for “dooring” a cyclist. Motorists who open their doors into the path of a person riding a bicycle, one of the most dangerous hazards that bike riders face, would have to pay $1,000. This is good. Dooring kills people, like Neill Townshend.”

In reality, many cyclists get hit by doors in Chicago, and yes, some die. But this is not the biggest threat to cyclist’s lives. Left hooks are more harmful, but VCer NEVER talk about the left hook because the cyclists are riding vehicularly. As I said previously, VCers don’t really care about safety, they just care about riding style. This is the _only_ thing that explains how incredibly inconsistent they are.

Getting good data is hard, Orlando has some of the best for the Cross style break downs:,d.aWc&cad=rja

Note the there are zero deaths from dooring and a single death (1/17 total) for left hook. Yet, they recommend to “take the lane” when making a left turn instead of pushing the button. I suggest that in high speed roads, the person should hit the button and walk one’s bike, legally, in the cross walk. This also lowers one’s chances of getting tickets.

Back to the article:

“At the same time, Emanuel proposed increased fines for cyclists who break the law, bringing them from $25 up to $50–$200. This is also good.”

Note that this is a mark of a Quisling. As I said before, if you are an “advocate” you give your side the benefit of the doubt no matter what your side does. Let the other side cheer higher fines for cyclists. But no, cyclists, only, seem to be insane control freaks who care more about impressing motorists with how “law abiding” they are and forcing us to ride in their particular style no matter how stupid and dangerous it is as well as wearing stupid, identical yellow vests and plastic hats.

“It was a move that the Chicago Sun-Times referred to as “even-handed.”

How is it even handed when motorists kill hundreds of us and we don’t get properly compensated for this blood? How is it “even handed” when motorists get >99% of the budget and we get zero percent of the “real estate”? We only get space on the roads if we can somehow convince them to “share the road”. Pretty, please.

“”Too often we see people on foot, on bikes and driving cars traveling recklessly,” wrote Ron Burke, executive director of the Active Transportation Alliance, Chicago’s largest and oldest cycling and pedestrian advocacy group.”

Why are we “reckless”? Because there are high speed cars that can kill us. Remove the high speed cars and our behaviors will be seen as instinctual and normal. We evolved for millions of years to walk. We don’t need a code of rules to do this safely unless people are creating a super-dangerous situation. So thanks, Quisling, Ron Burke, for stabbing us in the back.

“”Active Trans supports increased traffic fines as an important way to improve safety (along with better education and infrastructure).””

None of these things work.

“Some people commenting are mad. The ordinance should have included a provision for “Idaho stops” that would have allowed cyclists to slow at stop signs and red lights before cruising on through! Cars cause more damage when they hit people than bikes do! It isn’t fair!”

Why is it fair to constantly rewrite the rules aka the 85% percentile rule but not for normal and expected cycling behavior? Everyone I know says, when they find out I cycle, that ALL CYCLISTS RUN STOP SIGNS. OK, then this is a lost cause, why are we fighting it. (Note: Please do not run stop signs unless it is legal where you live. UNBOUND LEGAL RECOMMENDS AGAINST BREAKING ANY LAW. EVER. Also, I personally, follow all stop signs.)

“What’s happening in Chicago is the same thing that’s happening in cities all over the country: Bicycling is becoming mainstream. According to the city’s figures, 20,000 people now ride their bikes to work in downtown Chicago on a regular basis. That’s up 200 percent since 2005.”

Bicycling is becoming slightly more popular but to double a small number in 8 years is hardly “mainstream”. Let’s be real here. Until we break 33% mode share we’re not really mainstream. We’re really niche.

“Riding a bike in the United States has long been perceived as a statement. Being a bicyclist has been an identity, burdened with its own identity politics. The cyclist as renegade, outsider, maverick, or outlaw – that has been the image, or self-image, depending on where you stand on the “issue” of cycling.”

Notice how there is no subject here? Really irresponsible. Who feels this way? I don’t. I wrote a few articles on how I hate my bike to be a symbol of anything. I realize that other people believe this, but I’d like to know who they are.

“The flip side is that in places like Chicago, they have also been ticketing bicyclists for violating laws. In New York, the Department of Transportation has deployed safety officers on busy bike routes to remind people of the right way to ride. Ticketing blitzes seem to be happening more regularly.

This is what has to happen for things to get to the next level.”

No, this will make cycling less attractive. Following traffic laws is not the same as being safe. Most people ride to be safe, not to avoid tickets. Cyclists kill almost nobody so what problem are tickets trying to solve?

Try building a few bicycle only freeways, if you’d like to “mainstream” cycling.

“In New York, the city where I live and ride and walk and drive (which, yes, I do sometimes), cycling manners remain appalling, despite advocacy campaigns like “Biking Rules” to change that. Take as an example Court Street in Brooklyn, a hundred feet from my front door. I walk up and down this busy street several times a day, and on almost every trip I see people riding their bikes against the one-way traffic. It’s stupidly dangerous for them, for other cyclists who are riding with the traffic, for pedestrians, and for drivers of motor vehicles who might be forced to swerve to avoid a crash.”

Haha, forcing drivers to swerve to avoid a crash is called Vehicular Cycling which I am against. All “bicycle safety classes” that I know about teach this form of riding. So if you are against this type of riding, like I am, you are against education.

Yes, cyclists get ticked for “taking the lane”. I am against this, also, because unlike VCers, I am for ALL cyclists.


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