If You Want to Stop Having This Debate… I

If You Want to Stop Having This Debate…

What? A debate I won’t participate in? Say it ain’t so.

It ain’t so.

LTRs know that the only thing I like more than a good debate is princess and beer!

I recently read this whiny post in which Quislings pretend like we aren’t listening to them.


Well, excuse me Keri, but you didn’t invite me to your little conference. I would have loved to go!

I think that perhaps the problem isn’t that we don’t listen, but rather that we listen too well.

“Even worse, Wilson said, some bike lanes run alongside parking spots, with Edgewater Drive in College Park north of downtown Orlando a prime example. Motorists open their doors in the bike lane, setting up potential collisions, he said.”

Very interesting, Mr. Wilson.

There was another Mr. Wilson, when asked how Orlando coded dooring incidents in its 2003 crash report, the one which blamed cyclists for their own deaths (VIOLATION!). This Wilson responded to a question I asked. I wanted to know why there was not category for doorings in the Orlando 2003 crash report. I knew he was a VCer and I knew that they obsess over the door zone. Knowing this, I felt that he should have a separate category and if the answer was zero, I wanted to see a zero there. Instead I got this:

“Dooring is a relatively rare event in metro Orlando, as there are relatively few commercial arterials and collectors with parallel, on-street parking. Most of our area developed during the 70s, 80s and 90s when on-street parking was not considered to be a normal (let alone desirable) street function. I can only think of three doorings (that I’ve been made aware of) in my 27 years here. One in which I witnessed the aftermath (cyclist on the pavement, with fortunately minor injuries). Another reported to me by the victim (who did not report it to the police) that took place in a door-zone bike lane (also minor injuries). The third involved a passenger-side door opening into that same door-zone bike lane (which was reported to the police).” [https://cyclingunbound.wordpress.com/2012/01/11/more-on-orlando/]

Furthermore, in 2010, the Wilson doppleganger had this to say:

“A common concern among experienced roadway bicyclists is the placement of designated bicycle lanes
adjacent to parallel on-street parking. When such bike lanes are too narrow, they encourage cyclists to drive too
close to parked cars, putting cyclists at risk from opening car doors. Such crashes have very high potential for
serious injury, either through the impact with the door itself, or by diverting the cyclist into the adjacent general
use lane where he or she is at high risk to be hit or run over by an overtaking motorist. Fortunately, no such
“dooring” crashes were reported in this study. There were only about three miles of roadway in the metropolitan
area with such a configuration during the study period, and the bike lanes on those streets have ample width to
allow cyclists to stay out of the “door zone.” The Edgewater bike lane (page 28) is an example of proper width
adjacent to parallel parking.”

Hmmm, proper width? How can that be? I guess there are two Mighk Wilsons in Orlando. One who is a Saavy Cyclist (sic) and one who’s a government worker.

They can’t be the same people can they? I would NOT accuse him of lying about crash data to support his vehicular religion, put thousands of cyclists at risk, and to open the city to liability as one of their employees abuses his position to promote his personal agenda. No, I think that there are two separate Mighks…



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