Are Cycling Classes Siphoning Money Away From Infrastructure?

Are Cycling Classes Siphoning Money Away From Infrastructure?

LTRs need not read.

Time and time again, I hear the same tired arguments.

1. We have to teach people to vehicular cycle (or ride in today’s traffic)
2. Classes don’t hurt infrastructure, they get people riding now who will support infrastructure later.
3. There’s no good reason to oppose classes.

Actually, it is either or.

Cycling “safety” classes (sic) put on by those who don’t know anything more about cycling safety than whores know about STDs. Just because you fuck all your life doesn’t make you a gynecologist. Nor does riding for 50 years make you an expert on cycling safety.

So here are some real world ways where if classes did not exist at all, we’d have more infrastructure. Note that these are actual quotations from organizations:

1. Sierra Club
“Projects to Improve Bicycle Access, 40% of the Total Allocated to Bicycle Transportation
League of American Bicyclist Certified Instruction of “Traffic Skills 101”, 60% of the Total Allocated to Bicycle Transportation”
The Sierra Club wants to siphon almost half the money from infrastructure into classes.

2. AAA

When I asked for help in traffic calming a high speed road, here was what I got:

“It’s unfortunate that there isn’t a safer solution for parking your vehicle when you visit your local gym….We suggest visiting the League of American Bicyclists website for more information on safety techniques for riding in the traffic situations your faced with daily.”

Full email is here: []

Note how he went straight for classes when I asekd for traffic calming? If classes did not exist, he would be against cycling still (in reality not in theory, everyone’s for cycling in a vague way but they oppose everything that would actually make a difference).

3. Cycling Safety Classes are anti-infrastructure propoghanda

I have never seen someone take a safety class who didn’t immediately get soft on infrastructure. After taking a class, they gain this suicidal and bizarre fetish for riding in high speed traffic. It reminds me of religious extremists who forego medical care due to their “freedom” for their children who then die of easily preventable diseases. []

So if you are going to get involved in cycling advocacy, please don’t take any classes. If you know anyone who is going to take them STOP THEM.

And if people think that you can be “liberated” to get around by a bicycle in San Diego right now, tell them to shut up. The few VC San Diegans who don’t pick their routes carefully are miserable due to frequent harassment. Some of them have even been rear ended! Yet they continue their mad religious practices of taking insane risks and inconveniencing motorists to prove some shitty point about their “rights”.

We have many important groups who’s sole knowledge of cycling safety and infrastructure is based upon a few people’s misperceptions of the real safety issues. It’s as if prostitutes, only, are quoted on public health issues for safe sex. Just because a prostitute is not dead of AIDs doesn’t mean that back ally sex with strangers is safe.

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