Safe Routes For Seniors

Last Friday, I had the great luck to meet someone wearing a Velvet Underground t-shirt. Who does that?

Of course, I had to talk with her, and we had a great things to share including sharing our favorite bands; she likes the Sonic Youth, too. I wound up giving Mars Volta another shot!

The best thing about it was that she, too, had a data driven approach. This is super-important in the world of advocacy. I’ll talk more about this in another post.

Later, I got an email which has some great ideas on advocacy.

I had all ready talked about how we should get young children cycling safely with infrastructure in order to delay childhood obesity. Clearly, the current system is destroying our children’s health and their chance at a happy future.

However, we shouldn’t for get the seniors or “the other end of the spectrum.”

Here’s what my new friend said, “…the other end of the spectrum is a perfect storm of opportunity for bolstering support.

Considering that the population of seniors 65+ in SD is projected to skyrocket 104% by 2030 and we are living longer, now is the time to start focusing on health interventions that promote exercise (i.e. cycling) and fostering an environment safe for cycling.

After all, what good is a longer life expectancy if our quality of life is poor?

Remaining active is a key factor of healthy aging and helps to prevent a host of negative health outcomes, which is crucial for maintaining a high quality of life into old age. Furthermore, there are studies that prove it’s never too late to begin exercising to see positive health benefits.”


2 Responses to “Safe Routes For Seniors”

  1. Zvi Leve Says:

    Are you familiar with the ‘8-80 cities’ philosophy that “If you create a city that’s good for an 8 year old and good for an 80 year old, you will create a successful city for everyone. ”

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