Questions for the Government on Infrastructure

I’d like to know the answer to these:

New Note 435

1. What are the list of projects for cycling which are backlogged?

2. How are areas selected for cycling projects? What criteria is used? How do we know whether sharrows, cycle tracks, bike lanes or other treatments are appropriate?

3. What regulatory hurdles are stopping these projects? Specifically which laws impact which pieces of infrastructure which are identified in #1 are stopping us? Which specific language in the law which stop these bottlenecks?

4. What fiscal hurdles are there? That is how much per project? Where is current money coming from? Who has said “no” to giving money to projects? Are there other places to get the money, but not the staff to write grants?

5. If the bike projects were going at full speed, how many extra staffers are needed? Which positions should be filled to get things going at full speed?

6. What possible ways can the public sabotage an infrastructure plan? Are there legal or other objections that they could raise? If so, what are they? What plans are in place to meet objections. For example, if a private person or business sues, is there money allocated to fight a legal battle? Is it possible to legally build infrastructure before a case is settled? If there is no legal protection, why not? Are there other things that need to be thought of in order to preempt public pressure to with hold cycling infrastructure?

7. Are there any other hurdles or challenges that are unique to cycling infrastructure? Or if the above challenges were met should we expect to see infrastructure on the ground in the next six months? Or are there other things not yet covered?


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