E-Bikes Are Not Bicycles III: Rebuttal

Since people have made a bunch of untrue assumptions about me they seem to deeply care about my person life which is amusing since I’d like to not get too personal and keep the discussion about what name we should call these new things.

1. I wear normal clothes while riding my bicycle.

2. I am inadequate.

3. I don’t own a car.

4. I don’t think that there’s anything morally superior about riding a bicycle, e-scooter or normal style. I don’t have morals.

5. I enjoy cycling, but I don’t race at all. My goal is to be the slowest and happiest cyclist on the road.

6. I have had pleasant, in person encounters with e-scooter riders just as I have pleasant feelings for and friendships with those who drive in Hummers, worship the devil, and I have even befriend a kind country music fan. My personal feelings are beside the point.

7. I don’t think that e-bikes should be illegal or banned, but they should

be classified as motorized scooters because they are. Sure they have pedals, but I can put pedals on my bed, that does not make it a proper bicycle. E-bikes have their place. Hummers have their place. Blah, blah. I’m not judging anyone, but expressing a personal opinion on what the law should be based on common sense, problem solving, and basic English grammar skills. If something has a motor in it, it’s motorized. Simple as that.

Why, based on my opinion of a single name change, are people so vicious? I know this is the nature of the internet, but when it’s connected to e-bikes, it makes all e-bike riders look bad when I feel that they are not. Please prove me right; that e-bike riders are classy people and not cyber bullies.


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