E-Bikes Are Not Bicycles II: Questions

I’ve been getting a lot of nonsense regarding this topic. Thus, ifyou want to comment on this post of the prior one on e-bikes erm scooters, please answer a question.


1. My top question remains, why is the name “bicycle” so sacred that has to be connected to a motorized device? You can call my writing notebook many things: a notebook, a moleskin, a hipster laptop, or a cock, and I don’t get angry. Why are e-bike riders so absurdly touchy when it comes to a single name?


2. If an e-bike is a bike, what if I connect a combustion engine to my bicycle. Is it still a bicycle? Why? Why is it not a motorcycle?


3. If you answered “top speed” for #2 then what if my car breaks to the point where I can only do 20 MPH in it. Is my car now a bicycle? If not, why?


4. If the car from #3 is not a bicycle, if I add peddles, is it now a bicycle? If not, why not?


5. Why stop e-bikes at 20 MPH when they can go much faster? So we can pretend that they are bicycles?


6. If e-bikes are so awesome, what is your feeling, as an e-bike rider, towards non-e-bike riders? I mean aside from all the name calling that I got from another forum. I am hoping that someone with more character will answer to give me some insight.


7. Back to speed limitations. If you answered that a bicycle is “limited to 20 MPH” then does a bicycle become not a bicycle when you got 21 MPH on a normal bicycle? If not, why not?


8. If I ride a motorcycle, am I welcome in e-bike rides? If not, why not? Sure I can go a little bit faster with less effort, but is that not the same difference between an e-bike and normal bicycle?


9. On the forums why was it wrongly assumed that I was an athlete when I am not? Are you saying that it’s stupid to ride a normal bicycle for commuting? Or was there another reason that “lycra” was tossed around a lot when I don’t wear it?


10. I realize that riding an e-scooter has many benefits. However, so does regular cycling. Aside from the excercise which makes me happy, I like the relative quiet of dedicated bicycle paths. Does your right to ride on a motorized vehicle trump my right to peace and calm for a little while? If this is true can’t we apply this same logic and say that we should both allow regular motor vehicles on bicycle paths?


11. Can I ride my smart car in bike lanes, shoulders, and dedicated bicycle paths? What if I attach peddles and promise to only ride 20 MPH or less?



8 Responses to “E-Bikes Are Not Bicycles II: Questions”

  1. Charles Says:

    1. Because as long as working pedals remain then it remains a bicycle as one can still pedal with or without the motor. If you add wings to a car and a propulsion system able to lift if from the ground it is still a car as the class type is defined by all parts…not just the motor…it simply can fly now.

    2. If the pedals still work then yes. It is a motorized bicycle. If you increase the power output to where the pedals no longer have a use when it reaches a certain speed…then no…it becomes a manually assisted motor cycle.

    3. The sole power source remains the combustion engine…it still has four wheels contacting the ground and is housed in a car type body. All these factors make it a car.

    4. It is not…the pedals would never be sufficient to move the car so it is not actually part of the drive system…just a design element.

    5. It has to do with safety. In a crash…the odds of death occurring increase dramatically for every mph over 25. Also…realistic ability to contribute to motion with the pedals. After 25 mph you are simply “ghost pedaling” and are now riding a manually assisted motor scooter.

    6. Depends on the rider.

    7. Speed is not the determining factor. But application of human powered energy. A classic bike relys on human pedaling, momentum and gravity.

    8. You love these horribly misrepresenting questions. See above answers and you will see why a motorcycle is not welcome in said lanes.

    9. No idea…the notion that one can know your physical level without any evidence is silly.

    10.because this “peace and quiet” is not your personal right on a public path. Find a trail elsewhere where less people frequent it.

    11. The reason you get disrespect is because you ask silly questions. See answer above.

    • Fred Says:

      Wow, “peace and quiet is not my right”. Thanks a lot. See how after a few moments e-scooter riders prove what total assholes they all are. Peace and quiet is not my right. Who said it was?

      I prefer peace and quiet. And now you want to take it away from me? Wow. I’m stunned. I have about 5 minutes on my whole commute to THINK and RELAX and you want to take that away. I’m sure you seen nothing wrong with this negative attitude.

      Also, you are wrong, there are Flintsonte’s style cars which are human powered only.

      Anyway, thanks for uncloaking your personal selfishness and contempt for anyone else’s feelings other than your own.

      “Your peace and quiet is not a right”. Haha, that should be the motto of the e-scooter world.

      How long have you been e-scootering to work?

      • Charles Says:

        And it is less selfish to insist that all assisted bikes be banned from trails. Even those that are genuinely quiet or being used by those with physical limitations…all so you can have your “peace and quiet”.

        So no…you do not have a right to this over others rights to enjoy the path.

      • Fred Says:

        Um, are you confused? This is the LAW. FYI, I don’t personally make the law. I do notice that e-scooter riders do break this law.

        I don’t know if wanting peace and quiet is selfish. I do try to respect other people’s need for peace and quiet and not force my racket on them.

        I can see that you do not have the same level of respect for others. Again, it’s OK, because it fits the stereotyped profile that I have created.

      • Charles Says:

        “Also, you are wrong, there are Flintsonte’s style cars which are human powered only.”

        Which means they are not a car with the same weight of frame or combustion engine. Yet still considered a type of car because the body is still in shape and design of a car (four wheels contacting the ground, the frame style of a car.) This is not a bicycle as the sum of the parts are nothing like a bicycle…only the pedals are similar. My e bike, however, has two wheels. Handle bars…the same frame as a “normal” bike. It is capable of being pedaled without the motor. It simply has a motor.

        If you attach treads to a car does it become a tank?

      • Fred Says:

        Haha, so funny. LOL. We’re STILL, _still_ arguing over a little four letter word. You just can–not–let–it–go.

        Thanks. You’re humor has totally made my morning.


      • Fred Says:

        “Let me suggest a test. Attach pedals to a car or motorcycle. I’ll line up next to you with my e bike battery removed. If you can pedal your vehicles a fraction of the speed/distance I can I will accept these suggestions as valid rebuttals.”

        No you won’t. You’ll just change the subject. Haha.

  2. Peter Chan Says:

    In the Netherlands their bike lanes share with motorcycles. It works because they respect each other. E-bikes are hybrids and this cultural change is not welcomed to the young fit bicyclist who don’t like change and that is why we die so the younger generation will accept change.

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