Broken Sidewalk Up North!topic/san-diego-bicyclist-forum/EdiJZ5UTNiQ

“To review: A construction project in La Jolla on Torrey Pines Rd between Prospect Place and Princess St/Hillside Drive has caused typical removal of bike lanes and traffic lane narrowing. A woman emailed the city complaining that while bicycling there cars bore down on her, and requested signage telling cyclists to use the sidewalk. Only one side of the road has a sidewalk, the sidewalk is unusually narrow, is full of hazards, including poles and driveways, and… it’s a sidewalk. Never-the-less, the city complied and installed signs telling cyclists to use the one narrow sidewalk in both directions. I couldn’t believe. The sign pictured below says:


Last week the City seemed receptive on the phone to my suggestion that they replace their illegal regulatory sign with a standard BMUFL sign, but today I received a disturbing email reply. I’m copying the whole thing below, but essentially they’re saying they did this to avoid posting an MUTCD R5-6 (“NO BICYCLES”) sign, because they had no other option.

The normal posted speed limit here is 35 mph, but through the construction zone it’s 25 mph.
Below the copy of their “findings”, is a draft response from me. Any comments, suggestions, corrections? Thanks!”

My response:

Another idea is that the city could allow advocates to build a better sidewalk.

They want 2 way traffic on a narrow sidewalk. That does sound stupid and dangerous. The sidewalk sounds old. The city is beyond broke (in their words) for bicycles.

Why not let the city get out of the way and accept a “donation” of a cycle track?

They were going to remake the entire Balboa Park in Jacob’s image around a few parking spaces. Why not take a smaller check (free materials and labor) to let the sidewalk be fixed? The cycle track could be proof of concept.

Plus, the city all ready faces “liability” for having dangerous and inadequate facilities.


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