Equal Citizens

LTRs can skip…

One thing I like about the ever shifting VC/Cycling Savvy/New Flavor of the Week is the notion that cyclists are equal citizens.

This is so true which is why we need to get rid of the notion of “user fees” for road building.

This is why I am against the gas tax all together. I’m OK with a sales tax on petrol. But to put it as a “user fee” is wrong.

We are all citizens of the United States and we deserve equal protection under the government. In other words, though there are jokes that cyclists are “second class citizens” we aren’t in law. There’s nothing that says that cycling deserves less treatment when it comes to road building. In fact, we deserve preferential treatment in California.

“In 2006, the Legislature passed and Governor Schwarzenegger signed AB 32, the Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006, which set the 2020 greenhouse gas emissions reduction goal into law.”


We know under Smeed’s law and others that this will preclude any new freeway widening. It implies that people should be nudged to bike, not forced or coerced like they were forced into cars by literal death threats–“if you ride a bicycle, you are taking your own life into your own hands”.

This can be done by something as simple as closing down some roads or reallocating freeway money for cycling.

The point is that we all deserve the right to safe, convenient, and efficient mobility. There is absolutely no justification why the transportation budget does not give at least 33% of the money and real estate to active transportation. This reallocation of funds is both required by law and fair to all parties as it does not give cyclists an MORE money nor real estate than motor vehicles. Thus, we can stop the histrionic and childish “war on cars” nonsense. No, building good infrastructure is no a war, as wars kill people. Infrastructure saves lives and is the exact opposite of the effects of any war.

Thus, we should stop using any notion of “user fees” as they make no sense for motorists nor for cyclists nor for pedestrians. Public transportation should be toll free just as roads are now and it should get a lot more funding as well.

To do any less would be to treat non-motorists as second class citizens which should require a constitutional amendment.


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