Know Your Representatives: Dan

A legend in the California cycling world commented on my little blog yesterday making me feel really happy.

Dan, in 2013, is President of Cabo:

One of the organizations which represent, you, as a cyclist, to the great state of California.

And he seems to be similar to the others in the VC crowd:

Here’s a video of him since I can’t find an online photo in less than 5 google minutes:

1. Does not care for Dutch infrastructure, though he does not seem to know much about it:

Here’s some of his posts:

LTRs will know what his mistake as: NIH (not invented here).

Why bother with these silly diagrams when the solution has all ready been discovered, implemented, and successful:”

2. He seems to adhere to the “VC creed”:

“A culture of segregated disempowerment dependent on paint and paths is artificially high in North America because of discriminatory traffic laws
and inferior road behaviors perpetuated across the continent over the last century.”

Notice how he thinks that safer roads “disempower” cyclists? He also feels that he is superior to others as those of us who just want the dangers for cyclists that the government built to be mitigated are “inferior”.

Finally, he tries to drum up civil rights fervor for basically a bunch of old white dudes who get off with mixing it up with high speed traffic with the word “discriminatory”.



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