Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell Forces Motoring on Next Generation

I have noticed that there’s a type of mythology comparable to those made by the Greeks in the motoring world. Up there with the myths that roads create jobs, motorists pay their way via the gas tax, and motoring with small children makes them safe, is the myth that roads are built in response to demand rather than the opposite which is that roads create a demand of their own.

Bob McDonnell is there so prove to the world just how true the fact is that motoring is forced upon people. Though there are various examples of this, here’s the latest.

“Two-thirds of public comments about the bypass were against it — and some local residents complained of being “blackballed” for expressing dissent.”

But what does the “public” know?

Surely this road is needed, right?

Haha, so funny:

“This fall, a consultant hired by project opponents found major flaws in the data regional transportation authorities used to justify the bypass.”

But at least the road is paid for by the gas tax right?

“On January 9, 2011, McDonnell proposed funding projects to address traffic congestion in Northern Virginia and Hampton roads by diverting 0.25% of the sales tax collected in those areas from the General Fund into the transportation fund. Legislation is required to implement McDonnell’s proposal, and Democrats responded that the revenues were needed in the General Fund for schools and public safety and that the projected revenues were insufficient to make a difference on highway needs.”

Wow, he’s tossing children and the safety of the community under the SUV for his obsession with forcing a highway on many who don’t want it and on everyone who cannot afford it.

This story can be told all around the country.

But the next time someone claims that we are motoring by choice remember who’s choice it is: the friends of those who stand to make the most money from expanding the motorways.

The end result will be a poorer state, less money for education, more infrastructure which will eventually crumble and require even more money to be wasted, destroyed property values which results in a smaller tax base, and areas that are more difficult to navigate if you are not in a car.

Vote for McDonnell, wasting tax dollars to expand Big Government for the needs of motoring socialists. 🙂

There’s those who talk about how these conservatives like to talk about freedom and then campaign against reproductive and lifestyle freedoms, but I don’t see a contradiction.

Just like your choice of partner and choice of reproduction, big daddy McDowell knows best for how you should get around. It seems like his main purpose for public service is to spend as much money as possible telling other people how to live their lives.


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