Your Biases Are Showing

“And one of the problems with bike lanes — and I’m generally a supporter of bike lanes – but one of the problems with bike lanes has been not the concept of them, which I support, but the way the Department of Transportation has implemented them without consultation with communities and community boards. “

Nobody told Chris, apparantly, that the word “but” was useless when talking to others because people automatically negate anything you say before it.

Not only that, but did Chris note that we were NOT consulted before they built roads in front of our houses?

I don’t mind pedestrians nor cyclists at all because they make little noise, but cars are fucking LOUD especially when they roll by at late hours. When was I personally asked to veto anyone’s ability to motor by my house? Not that I would ban motoring all together: how are people going to pick me up to take me to the hot springs? But I didn’t even get a vote on the matter. Why not?

Probably because it would be too difficult to get a consensus on every tiny change in the streets. Also, many people would choose to have big wide roads in front of OTHER PEOPLE’s home while closing the road right in front of their own so their children could play in the street. We’d have a hodge podge of disconnected streets where you’d have to teleport your car to get from one place to another which would mirror our current state of bicycle infrastructure. I wonder how Chris would like a place where he only can drive for a few blocks before getting out and pushing his car for a while. Probably not much.

Would it be rude to tell people that they can’t moan about their extra time spent trying to secure a large parking spot for their truck?

Why are bikes such a horrible social faux pas?

“That’s a problem particularly in a community like Chelsea, where there is such interest in bike lanes but then you just create tension. It’s also a problem for example in Lew Fidler’s district in Brooklyn, where I’d say the jury’s mixed about bike lanes. They were okay with the idea of the bike lane, they just wanted it moved one block over.”

Yeah, and I want people to drive only a few blocks away from my house. Otherwise I’m OK with that.

But no talking about cars at my parties. Otherwise, I’ll think badly of you. (Not really, just playing devil’s advocate. I’m not actually going to micro-manage my guest’s speech as that would be rude.)


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