iamtraffic Encouraging “Lawful” Cycling Or Why I Stay Off the Road

Blog post generator iamtraffic.com once again gives me the giggles:


Once again, they fail to understand that there are two kinds of laws, those on the books and those which are actually enforced. Anyone who has basic reading comprehension can see that these two types of laws only have a passing resemblance to one another.

It was in my late 20’s that I realized that if I continued to whine about the “letter of the law”, I’d become an old, unlikable curmudgeon!

Instead, I turned to a life of humor as well as analyzing what laws are actually enforced and following them.

Not that this blog is advocating for breaking any laws. CYCLING UNBOUND SEZ, ALWAYS FOLLOW EVERY SINGLE LOCAL LAW. ALWAYS. (My legal team can be such buzz kills sometimes). 🙂

Anyway, over and above laws which are on the books, if the police enforce a law, then it’s illegal. For the thick: ACTIONS THAT GET ONE ARRESTED AND CONVICTED IN COURT ARE ILLEGAL; IT MATTERS NOT IF YOU CAN FIND THESE LAWS ON THE BOOKS OR NOT.

For years, I have been urging my readers to stay off the road and not to play in traffic and you’ll be safe. I urged those who were on really dangerous roads to ride on the sidewalk, slowly, and to walk your bicycle around pedestrians. These are not legal things, sometimes it’s illegal to ride on the sidewalk, it depends upon your location. Still, outside of a big downtown, I have never gotten into any trouble with police while riding on the sidewalk. This is much more different than riding on the street where many people have trouble, and I have been (rarely) buzzed and harassed.

So I ask you, who do you want to be? A wise and invisible ninja cyclist who doesn’t get run over, is ignored by the authorities, and makes the motorists happy, or an idiot who actually believes these fools from iamtraffic (sic–you’re not) and gets into all sorts of legal trouble.

As the Clash said, “Give ’em enough rope.” Thanks for giving me another argument against: VC, Savvy, whatever you call it this week cycling.

Who cares what it’s called clearly they teach unlawful cycling.


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