RageQuit Cycling

Often, I have heard in certain circles that we are either not ready to debate a certain topic, such as helmets, or we are being too “harsh”, for example what Copenhagenize calls “the bull in the China shop”, the motor vehicle.

I’m, personally, really to argue all of it. As LTRs know, I like to argue as much as I like gossip.

Lately, I have finally had a word to describe what has happened to me in many debates. These debates occur when people whine that CM runs stop signs, that cycling is dangerous, that helmets save lives, that I should get the fuck off the road, or that I should ride in the middle of fast paced traffic as cyclists fare best when treated a drivers of vehicles.

I stand my ground, argue back and annihilate the other side’s arguments very, very quickly.

Mostly the responses I have been getting is summed up with the term “RageQuit”.


“RageQuit in one word is Internet slang commonly used to describe the act of suddenly quitting a game or chatroom after either an argument, extreme frustration, or loss of the game.”

I really love it when people RageQuit. I have heard that when someone declares victory in an online debate it means that they have lost, but I don’t think that this is so after everyone else has RageQuit.

Overall, I am very glad to have found a term to sum up my understanding of online (and real life) discussions.

I do think that it shows a real lack of character to give up so easily especially when I feel that I am open to slowly change my mind given the proper data.

I don’t know if the past was different, but it seems that in this modern world, people think that their opinion is better than objective data which is collected by government agencies, scientists, and citizen data repositories such as what is found in the excellent BikingLa.

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