Bad Thoughts Cycling

Most days, when I pay attention to my emotions enough, I realize that my whole morning is an emotional roller coaster.

Riding in traffic, especially makes my mind go to negative places.

As I said before, I’m struggling with my own negativity, externally, for one week only.

So aside from reading the Regional Transporation Plan, emoting on making things truly equal for cyclists, and fawning over the gorgeous Dutch and Danish cycle tracks, I’m reading “Food For Thought.”

“Thoughts are addictive, and especially when they’re about things that are bad. We remember them long and think of them often. This is delusion, one of the camp-followers of unawareness.”

Yes, they are. Even though my life is 100% perfect, and I’m living through my Golden Years, it seems that I horde negative thoughts so that I can enjoy ruminating over how unfair things are. This is a waste of time.

“Most of us tend to flow along in the direction of what’s bad more than in the direction of what’s good. When people try to convince us to do good, they have to give us lots of reasons, and even then we hardly budge. But if they try to talk us into doing bad, all they have to do is say one or two words and we’re already running with them. This is why the Buddha said, “People are foolish. They like to feed on bad preoccupations.”

There’s more:

‘We don’t get to eat any meat’: This means that we gather up imaginary things to think about, but they don’t bring us any happiness. A person who opens his mouth to put food in it at least gets something to fill up his stomach, but a person who clambers around with his mouth open, craning his neck to swallow nothing but air: That’s really ridiculous. His stomach is empty, without the least little thing to give it weight. This stands for thoughts that have no truth to them. We keep searching them out, gathering them up and elaborating on them in various ways without getting any results out of them at all, aside from making ourselves restless and distracted. We never have any time to sit still in one place, and instead keep running and jumping around until the skin on our rears has no chance to make contact anywhere with a place to sit down.”

For this week, instead of searching for negative things to think about it, it’s going to be positive.

As much as possible. 🙂


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