Cycling As a Symbol: Revisited

Previously, I have written about how cycling is not a symbol:

“I have seen a bicycle equated with liberalism, ecology, hipsterism, terrorism (no kidding), the United Nations, wealth, snobby elitism, theft of tax dollars, and even being white.”

While I do not see a bicycle as a negative symbol, in my old age, I have changed my ways a little.

Not only that but I have talked to a bunch of tourers for whom a bicycle is a symbol.

I met them while going into a coffee shop. They were unlocking their bicycles and I mentioned that “parking was tight”. Then I said that the only thing I like more than a bicycle is more bicycles. šŸ™‚

They came to get a cup of coffee with me.

While we were talking, they mentioned that bicycles are potent symbols in their lives. Here are a few of their ideas.

For me a bicycle is a pile of money that I save in motoring, a great body, and lots of fun and friends. My social life revolves around cycling and cyclists. In fact, this has created an informal family for me. In fact, I’m going to explain this to the next comfort/away from personality type.

For Tiara, her bicycle means strength, power, and accomplishment. She especially likes to celebrate after climbing a hill. I found this to be inspiring.

For Derrick, a bicycle means escape, freedom, and karma. The latter meaning the good karma that one gets from having a lighter footprint.

Finally, for Derrik a bicycle is reality. This means of course that as a tourer, he wakes up each day and there’s his bicycle. There is no other life that he lives, day by day and nor does he want to live another life.

For me, this was the best answer of them all and it sums up cycling for me.

Bicycle equals reality.


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