Silly Study States the Obvious But Still Manages to Mislead

Maybe they are equally to blame for the crashes, but if you have 2 cars crashing people will still get hurt.

If you have to bicycles crashing the cyclist will less likely be hurt.

If you have a car crash into a cyclist, the cyclist is hurt.

Thus, the addition of a car makes things dangerous and it’s misleading to say that they are “equal” when one party brings almost 100% of the damage into the mix.

This should be obvious.

Also, since most people drive and bicycle you would expect them to roughly make the same number of mistakes as in most cases, they are the same population. Duh! Thus it this finding is only insightful if we accept that cyclists are some kind of alien species.

From the article:

“It’s so great to know that our crashes are not all random … and there are things we can do to prevent crashes,” he said.

I 100% disagree. This is because we all make mistakes. Also, you can ALWAYS point the finger at a motorist or cyclist if you frame the discussion that way. You find what you measure. I can ALWAYS find many mistakes I made which wound up being safe due to luck. If you have a series of people continually making mistakes, which is reality, crashes are random.

This is silly:

“The previously reported drop in the city’s bike crash rate as the number of bikers has made drivers more aware of bikes has continued to hold.”

So what? We have to be out there getting run over before we are safe. Ug. Who are these assholes?

Why not make things safer BEFORE the drivers kill a bunch of us? I guess because they are too cheapass to do so.

“The study found bike-motor vehicle crashes clustered on arterial streets where traffic concentrates. But it found that streets with bike lanes, such as Hennepin Avenue downtown or University Av. SE tended to have lower crash rates than streets like Lowry Avenue or 28th Street with only partial or no such markings.”

Yes, this is true. I found this in all the data I looked at as well. Bike lanes save lives. Pretty obvious if you look at data.

“Cyclists are much more likely to ride in a predictable manner if they have a place to ride,” said bike activist Ethan Fawley, president of the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition.”

This is tautology. Most cyclist collisions in SD that I have heard about had the cyclist behaving in a “predictable” manner. By this, I mean they were well trained and riding like they were supposed to be: legally and sensibly. They still got hit.

But by “predictable” in this tautological context means not getting hit. So most of the cyclists who did not get hit also did not get hit.

“They give more assurance to those hesitant to bike on high-traffic routes like Portland and Park avenues, he said.”


No they don’t. These people who say this believe that they are some kind of super heros. They are really just lucky. Anyone can get hit by a car at any time on a high speed road. On such a road you are more likely to die. Cars literally “come out of nowhere” because the road camouflages those with black paint. Cars going at 50 MPH or more are only seconds away even if they are coming over the horizon. With roads which are 4 lanes are more and minimal intersections this gives you seconds to race across a dangerous road. This does not make me safe.


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