2030 San Diego RTP: Big Promises Made And Broken


“At the heart of MOBILITY 2030 is the Regional Transit Vision, a 21st century strategy to develop a seamless public transportation system for the region –one that is integrated with our growing communities and that ultimately is competitive with driving your car during rush hours.”


“Finally, Demand Management focuses on reducing trips on the
transportation system during peak periods and encouraging alternatives
to driving alone (e.g., transit, carpooling, vanpooling, biking,
and walking).”

Wow, that sounds awesome! How are they going to do this?

“Several highway improvements are currently under construction, including the I-5/I-805 merge widening, completion of State Route (SR) 56 between Interstates 5 and 15, SR 125 between Fletcher Parkway and SR 94, various widening projects on Interstates 5 and 15, and freeway-to-freeway interchange connecting ramps at I-5/SR 78, I-15/SR 56, and SR
94/SR 125.”

So basically, they are going to make public transportation more appealing by attempting to reduce congestion via the means that in the previous post where they said that this won’t work?

Plus, why would I ride the bus if the roads were nicer?

Also, we know that these dangerous merges kill people. I rode on Fletcher before and I had to salmon back to avoid illegally riding on a freeway. And they want to widen it? You’d think that they were like a wild animal who, after a taste of bicyclist blood, wants more.

If they know that widening roads does not work, why do it? And when are they going to repave the roads that they all ready built?

“When implemented, the improvements in MOBILITY 2030 will complete the region’s highway and roads network, and transform it into a robust system with more lanes dedicated to carpools and buses integrated with more than a dozen new high-quality regional transit services. The Plan includes a flexible roadway system which can be used by transit and high occupancy vehicles (HOVs), and improves goods movement through the region.”

The mask is slipping. Note how they are starting to play bait and switch with words? More freeways is not compatible with public transportation and cycling. Sure you could drive a bus on a freeway, but this is not the same as building a decent public transportation network.

I think that they have no commitement to public transportation at all. Even when they are forced to create public transportation, they are able to siphon most of the money off for motoring.

The way we’ll know if they are actually committed to public transportation is when they remove their parking lot and replace it with a park and they take all their trips to work on the trolley and bicycle.

But they won’t because these things don’t go everywhere, are too slow and are not reliable. If they were then congestion should not be such a problem.

But deep down that’s all they care about. Despite the promising beginning where they discover Smeed’s Law, the RTP is sprinkled with this nonsense:

“Transportation infrastructure and services must be coordinated with land use planning if we are to avoid increased traffic congestion, reduced mobility, and a deteriorating quality of life.”

As a cyclist, my mobility and quality goes way, way up with increased congestion. I guess they don’t ride bicycles so they don’t know this.
We could have great public transportation as it’s the only way that 100% of people can get around: handicapped, elderly, the young, and the poor.

Rather than building subways everywhere and roads and parking later or not at all, they prioritize the most expensive, inefficient, and elite form of transportation.

To rub salt in our wounds, they tell us that they actually care about cycling and public transportation.

I plan to read the entire plan.

Prepare to be underwhelmed by their plans for the next SEVENTEEN YEARS.


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