Why I Favor Revoking the Gas Tax

Recently in VA, the government proposed to eliminate the gas tax.


This blog is in favor of it.


1. Contrary to popular belief, road users do NOT pay their own way. They pay part of it, but not all of it. The gas tax is one of the most confusing things when it comes to transportation funding.

Take away the gas tax and this belief should go away that “I paid a gas tax so I own the road.”

2. The gas tax does not take into account the size of vehicles and thus it does not address wear and tear on the roads. I can have a fleet of small motorbikes on a road or a few trucks. The fleet, over time, will use more gas, but create less wear and tear on the roads. Add pedestrians and cyclists who pay the gas tax indirectly in the price of their good as it’s passed along by shipping companies versus their almost non-existent wear and tear and you see that the picture is an even worse mess.

You don’t charge those who use it for how much they use.

3. If the roads are good and motoring are good why do we want to penalize people who use them? There’s the notion that the gas tax makes people drive less. Since gas is one of the lowest costs in a car, the total cost per mile goes DOWN THE MORE YOUR DRIVE. The gas tax does not change this equation and thus we lose nothing when changing this.

4. As per above, now all the costs of transporation come from the general fund. Since there’s no ownership on the stupid “road tax” in people’s minds, car owners and non-car owners are now on a level playing field when it comes to negotiations. Since so much money was all ready squandered on roads, we can justify spending more, in the future on cycling and public transportation.

If the money isn’t there for roads, tough.

5. Since the “economy” hums along the cheaper that transportation is, we should make public transportation free, too. After all, motorists are not paying their way anymore so why should anyone else?

Through the years, VA over reached itself and will have huge problems when all the roads start to rot and it does the ability, anymore, to raise enough revenue to pay for it, due to it’s bizarre fixed belief on taxes.

For cyclists this is OK because the system will slowly break down and we can all get back to walking around safely and mountain bicycling everywhere.

By the time that the bills get bad, we’ll be in full triage mode and it will make sense to implement the final stages of Agenda 21 and to implement UN control over the fine state of VA. 🙂

Eliminating local revenue sources to pay for gold plated motorways is step one in our plan to dominate the world thus creating people who live longer, are happier, and don’t have to listen to loud noises around dangerous machinery. 🙂


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