Are Deadly Standards Worse Than Nothing At All?

First off, I have to give credit to the one and only Ted Rogers who co-authors this blog due to no fault of his own:

(Thanks, Ted)

Second, let me make it clear that this blog is firmly in favor of standards. It’s all firmly in favor of common sense as well as intelligent people. Remove one of those things and you can get a big mess which is what we got here:

“Bicyclists and others say the resurfaced roadway is too rough, uneven and unsafe, and that sweeping just moves the small rocks to the road shoulder, making it worse for cyclists who ride there.”

Of course, a few dozen cyclists who actually ride on the roads are total morons, right? Why’s that?

Because of the magic of standards! πŸ™‚

“Caltrans staffers in San Luis Obisipo had already met Tuesday, Jan. 8, and concluded that β€œthe roadwork meets Caltrans standards and is not hazardous for cyclists,” Shivers said in an email.”

LTRs know that since motoring is one of the most deadly ways of getting around right up there with cycling and walking which are all dangerous due to poor road conditions, the standards must be a problem.

After all, what’s the alternative to standards? Mountain biking. Mountain bikers are much less likely to be killed or hospitalized compared with roadies despite the fact that mountain bikers take more chances on roads that do not meet Caltrans standards.

Thus, if the “standards” are worse than nothing at all, the standards are part of the problem.

Also, the whole idea of standards are ideas which should make things safer. But if things are not safe, we can’t go back to standards to prove that they are safe as this is circular logic. In fact, if a road is unsafe, but up to standards then we must reject these standards all together and ask for roads being built to be safe.

I feel that Shivers should at least do a walk through of the road that he thinks is “safe”. He better bring along some big goggles because I heard that cars are throwing stones at those huddled on the shoulder and probably some ear plugs. I’ll be waiting for him to complete a fraction of what OSHA requires as basic safety auditing before reading from a piece of paper about useless standards which have created a transportation system which kills more people in certain age groups than any other cause.


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