Rights or Gratitude?

First of all, I there has been a huge impact on me due to meeting a few LTRs.
This is quite strange as there are only a very few of you.

On the other hand, the change was positive, IMHO. I feel that I should make, at least a little attempt to reduce the complaining on my blog. It’s gotten pretty easy to blog by numbers where I’d read a government report, academic paper, newspaper article or other brain dead organization’s write up on cycling and critique it.

Over the last year especially, I feel that this blog has honed my views on cycling: “speed kills, yield aggressively, infrastructure not blame, and so on.”

One goal that I continue to hold is to be more mindful of my written, verbal, and mental speech. I posted about this before, but I do believe that we have two duties: to find out what sucks about our built environment and to be grateful for what we have all ready.

This morning, I was thinking about the whole notion of “rights to the road”, again, and I think that one reason I’m so against this approach is because it precludes gratitude. A “right” sounds angry, demanding, and confrontational. Instead of having “rights” to the road perhaps we can have “gratitude for the road”?

How many of the motorists who post angry posts about cyclists just want a bit of gratitude. I have some. I would like to thank all of you have had taxes taken out to pay for cycling infrastructure that you never use. I am grateful that I’m not killed. I’m grateful to use the roads that were so expensive to build. I’m grateful to have a job. I’m grateful to be healthy enough to cycle daily as well as the freedom to live where I wish, work where I wish, to organize my life so that cycling is actually built into my day.


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