Wilde Cycling

LTR’s may have realized that I have finally, finally, started reading _The Picture of Dorian Gray_.


I have found that while my posts have been seeming more and more depressing, or rather honest, in my mind, I’m enjoying cycling, from a subjective point of view, more than ever.


I realize that, unfortunately, I have not always explained this sentiment very well, and thus, I have the words of Oscar Wilde to reinforce my views. For they say that if you have no backbone then twist some famous quotes, out of context, to suit your needs.


Note that this is in response to the usual nonsense of motorist bullying, off road, with the whole confusion as to why anyone would ride a bicycle more than a few feet off the boardwalk.


The whole idea goes with the sadly and narrow mistaken notion that life is all about maximizing pleasure, only.


“But there were maladies so strange that one had to pass through them if one sought to understand their nature. And yet what a reward one received! To note the curious hard logic of passion, and the emotional colored life of the intellect–to observe where they met, and where they separated, at what point were they in unison, and at what point were they at discord–there was a delight in that. What matter what the cost was? One could never pay too high of a price for a sensation.”


I hope that explains how I feel, each morning while I ride down Fairmont.


Passion for everyone!


Balls out!


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