Repost: You can stick your £20m up your arse

Seldom do I find such a fantastic new friend!

In the latest post, this blogger says “You can stick your £20m up your arse”.

And I say, “yes!”

Why so angry?

I guess I can ask the same thing about those who celebrate such an insult. Why so dishonest?

Twenty million will do NOTHING in the UK so to say, “thanks” is a lie because it’s actually a thanks for nothing.

I can’t emphasize what a tiny amount of money this is for a country with 50 million people.

I know it’s dubious to compare dollars to pounds, but I’ll do so anyway: “According to FHWA’s 2009 statistics, $70.9 billion is needed to address the current backlog of deficient bridges” according to Transportation for America.

This is just for REPAIRS!

As I said in the past, I feel that by making things too far to walk by zoning normal cities out of existence and by making it deadly to cycle, the government has a moral duty to mititage the wrong that they have done. Twenty million would build a few miles of cycle tracks at best. It would take several lifetimes, at that rate, to undo the harm that motoring has done. At this rate, we would have all died, run out of oil, and probably spoiled our chances of our children of living at all.

It’s such a nasty tease, I agree. No money would be better because then it would so obvious that they don’t care.

“Because £20m spread across the country is going to do nothing for cycling, except maybe the installation of more of the same kind of crap we’re used to getting, and maybe some more pointless posters to ‘encourage’ people to ride a bike, and more vehicular cycling training which will enable cycling to continue to tread water as it has done for decades.”

Spot on.

Heck,they are even a bit more generous than I am:

“I wouldn’t mind quite so much if there was some sort of plan of how to spend the money, or some decent minimum standards of cycle infrastructure which local authorities must meet. But there isn’t.”

Yes, it would be better up their arses. At least this would be effective in getting some kind of change happen. 🙂


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