Are Gated Communities Fighting a War on the Motorist?

The funny thing about “War on the Motorist” nonsense becomes really clear when you see where many of the people who claim such a war are actually waging it themselves.

The strange thing about things like traffic calming and restricting motoring access is that you never, ever see one complain that one who lives in a suburban gated community is anti-motorist, but in a sense they are far more restrictive than anything that’s been done in places like NYC who have made a quantum leap in livability due to their traffic calming measures.

Here’s the skinny. Gates are anti-motoring because not everyone can get inside. It’s like a very, very selective and expensive congestion charge. You need to either live in the community or know someone who does to drive there.

And what about cul-de-sacs? They, too, are there to make motoring through a neighborhood totally impossible. Again, way more restrictive than taking our a single lane.

But traffic calming is done in “public roads”, right? People don’t live there, do they.

Yes, they do. The people who come out against traffic calming often live in perfectly traffic calmed enclaves, and they fight traffic calming for their own selfish ends.

Let’s stop being wimps when it comes to traffic calming. Those who are against it must be called out for what they are: self serving hypocrites who are 100% on board with traffic calming when it benefits them, only.

Who whines about not being able to drive his car down the middle of the mall? Who is there asking for the cul-de-sac in his back yard to be connected so we can get some large trucks driving next to his bedroom? And let’s take down those gates and widen the roads.

In fact, there’s not a single person who thinks that areas should be free and quiet from annoying traffic sounds.

If not, why not have a traffic calming meeting on the grass next to a freeway? One can talk and talk about how the traffic calming is terrible, but alas, we can not hear you above the auto noises.

The fact is nobody likes to be outside near high speed traffic. Those who advocate for it are happy with it as long as they are only making other people miserable and not themselves.


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