Palling Around With Criminals

Over the years, Democrats have been accused of being “soft on crime” [] but Assemblyman Declan O’Scanlon, R-Monmout actually feels like the state should encourage it.

Note the title, “Drivers adapt to red-light cameras”.

No, the motorists are not “adapting” they are following the fucking law for once.

Why do people think that they have an exception from criminal activity if they do it in a car? Oh, because Hollywood says that it’s funny. […569.4155.0.4345.…0.0…1c.1.nrdS6kA3fho]

“What we are doing is making people paranoid — causing them to slam on the brakes at the slightest hint a light might change, or deciding to fail to make even an absolutely safe right turn on red,” he said.”

Good! I think that right on red is dangerous and should be illegal.

What does he want people do to, run red lights?


“The department’s report drew immediate criticism from Assemblyman Declan O’Scanlon, R-Monmouth, who wants the cameras removed. He called the program “a dismal failure,” saying DOT statistics show the net costs of accidents had climbed by more than $1 million at intersections with cameras.”

This is because the cameras don’t pay for themselves.

“Generally speaking it does look like it costs more to operate those cameras than the revenue you get,” county spokesman Joe Sorenson said.

What nonsense.

Do officers have to “pay for themselves” when they investigate a murder? The whole point is that we pay taxes for protections, we get it and then our money is gone. That’s basically how people spend money in a normal universe.

It seems that red light cameras are causing people to stop for red lights which is important if you walk or ride a bicycle.

“The violations had fallen so significantly that we were at the point in our budget where we couldn’t afford to keep them,” Snellville Police Chief Roy Whitehead said.

What the fuck!

Also, there’s the spectre of cars getting “rear-ended” if they stop for a red light. Umm, what about t-bones? These are going down.

Plus where are the assholes who believe that the law must be enforced at all costs no matter what even if it’s less safe? Those who think that a cyclist should come to a complete stop at each and every stop sign even when there’s no one around and to put their foot on the ground. I didn’t see a single mention of the phrase “scofflaw motorists.”

I do think that roads should be made safer so that even motorists who want to jump lights will be safe. I feel all alone in this as I am the only one I know who embraces Sustainable Safety.

Still, where’s the cold hard rationality when it comes to this lawlessness where “if you commit a crime, you deserve to get hurt.”

Note, I do NOT agree with above but, with cyclists, I see that attitude constantly.

Finally, I’d like to mention that if you need to “slam on your breaks to stop for a red light” you are driving too fast. That little tap on the back of your car should be a wake up call that you need to SLOW THE FUCK DOWN.

And if you hit someone from behind, you were following too closely. Again, I learned all this in driver’s ed; I wonder what they teach now a days?


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