Tips For Motorists: I

Note that this is a joke:

1. Have a backup plan. While motoring is a comfortable and easy way to get places, you put yourself at risk if you rely on owning a single occupant passenger vehicle to get around.

A myriad of factors can take your ability to drive yourself around, and thus you should live and work in a place that has alternate options such as walking, cycling or public transportation.


One could lose one’s license, one could have a medical condition that makes it unsafe to drive, one could get in an accident and get injured, one could get one’s car stolen, one’s car can break down.

Thus, the first step towards safe motoring is to have an alternate way to get around should the need arise.

2. Test your backup plan.

Losing one’s license should not be the first time that one tests their backup plan. Thus, one should try to take the bus to work at least one time. If it turns out that it’s impractical then one should move closer to work.

3. Drive a brightly colored car. Floursescent yellow is best, but any bright color will prevent accidents. Avoid black and gray as they are hard to see on the roads.

4. No distractions. It’s totally useless for a cyclist or pedestrian to wear flashing lights and orange vests if you are going to look at your cell phone. No music either. Driving is an extremely dangerous task where a split second decision could force you to live with the blood one someone’s hands for life. Probably better to take the radio out of your car, too.

5. Roll down the windows. Modern cars are so quiet that it’s as if you are cycling around with head phones. But unlike a cyclist, you put everyone else in extreme risk. It’s only fair that you strain your ears to hear as much as possible in case you can save a life!

6. Wear a fire proof clothing. Though it’s extremely rare, if you are one of those who’s car catches on fire, you can save your life. Remember, if it saves even a single life, no inconvenience is silly or a waste of time.

7. No need to worry about a helmet. After all, you wear one while walking around, don’t you? If not, you should get one and wear it at all times especially when crossing the street, walking up stairs, and ALWAYS in the shower where most head injuries occur.

8. Comfortable shoes. No high heels. No business shoes, no sandles. There are driving shoes available. Buy these special shoes and change them each time you get into and out of the car. Don’t wear them outside the car because you can mess them up which will make driving more dangerous.

9. Have fun. After all, fun is what it’s all about. But you can only have fun while riding safely.


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