I Fell Off My Bike and My Helmet Broke

LTRs can skip this. I feel sick of this myself, but can I help myself?


Do I feel guilty?

Double no. đŸ™‚

We all know the dumb story.

“I fell off my bike and my helmet broke in half. If that were my head, I’d be a vegetable.”

Maybe yes, maybe no.

Converse story:

“I know someone who fell off his bike and he did NOT wear a helmet. Now he has a plate in his head. If only for a helmet he’d be here today.”


“Blah, blah, blah, blah blah…”

Let me clarify, once again, our position:

Those of us who are “anti-helmet” just want to be left alone. That’s all.

If you have a fetish for plastic hats, wear it. I won’t bug you on the road. Can you do us the same courtesy and stop bugging us? That’s all we want. Just some silence on this tired, tired, issue.

As for people’s stupid stories, one can speculate all day. Unless we see people who actually have fallen off their bicycles with helmets on, we can’t say much if we are going to be accurate.

I’m not saying that a helmet does not help, ever. I’m just saying that:

1. It’s common sense that “helmets save lives.” Since everyone knows this, why continue to talk about it. Those who are against helmets have read the literature so leave us alone unless there is SOMETHING NEW YOU CAN SAY ABOUT HELMETS. We all heard the story where you fell off the bike and your helmet broke. A million times. Please say something original.

2. There are few protective devices that NEVER work. This is not the standard we should use. We should think about the entire impact that these devices have on society. I think that overall, they put the wearer at greater risk. See the literature for details.

3. Even if “helmets save lives”, so what? Smoking causes cancer. Drinking too much is fatal. Driving is super deadly for those under 35 YO. So what? What are we going to do with this info besides REPEATING OURSELVES AD NAUSEUM.

4. Instead of repeating your stupid stories about falling off your bike, tell me why did the mandatory helmet law in Australia and NZ wind up as a dismal failure? Why did so many people die despite having helmets? What if we spent the helmet money on things that actually worked? Would you be willing to forgo a helmet in this case? Finally, for those who think we should wear helmets in the UK and US because they are “not like NL”, will you be willing to STFU about helmets once we reach this safety levels? Or is this a crazy fetish that you must constant harass people about?


One Response to “I Fell Off My Bike and My Helmet Broke”

  1. Steve A Says:

    In the same vein, why did my bicycle helmet cost twice as much as my much better constructed autocross helmet while another bicycle helmet that met identical standards cost far less?

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