Motoring Beliefs: Costs and Benefits

Continuing this sure to be annoying topic, I turn my attention to the another set of beliefs which underlies Why Things The Way They Are right now.

1. Motor vehicle access, only, is mandatory. This means that if you can’t drive a car to it, you can’t get there.

While this is not actually true, this is a belief which underlies a standard for construction.

That’s why no matter how beautiful an area is, a beach or mountain, you see a bunch of cars littering the landscape. There’s never a place that’s popular which doesn’t demand an unsightly mass of asphalt to mar the otherwise picturesque location.

Imagine if you gave mountain biking, only access, to an area. How nice would that be? Or boating only?

I suspect that this belief is related to the other belief:

2. Fires can be fought only with massive petrol powered vehicles.

Whenever you hear about “fire access” what they really mean is that they are going to pave over a huge enough area for a massive vehicle to get somewhere in case there’s a fire.

Again, I have nothing by gratitude and appreciation for the brave women and men who fight fires. However, I know that since they are strong enough to face deadly fires, they can withstand a few tough questions.

Here it is: can we fight fires without huge vehicles? I’m guessing that the geniuses who created all the stuff that creates fires in the first place can somehow figure out a way to extinguish one in a bike only area.

3. All other forms of transportation must serve the interests of motorists.

This is tricky territory because there are often studies that come out that talk about how cycling helps the local economy or reduces congestion. My take on this is who cares?

When did the AAA think about how to spend a few billion to make my life more comfortable and my ride more efficient?

Thus, we must think about promises made because they create a wrong frame.

Cycling infrastructure is created for those who want to ride a BICYCLE, only. NOT for existing cyclists who clearly don’t need it. NOT for motorists who want their roads less congested. NOT for selfish local business owners who don’t want to give up motoring parking.

Think about it. When we build a freeway, we don’t think about how it’s going to help the subway riders by reducing the crowds taking the train. We don’t widen and speed up local roads to make cycling more pleasant.

So why should bike lanes help with congestion or economics?

Doesn’t make sense.

There are many more assumptions, I think, that I can tackle in later posts in this series. When I started, I didn’t realize how captive my own mind was towards the pro-motoring belief system.

Again, I’m not trying to be anti-motoring here, but I am trying to clear my mind of the coercive propaganda that has been force fed to me my whole life.


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