Wasteful Government Programs: DMV

Here’s an idea. Let’s get rid of wasteful government programs so that it can free up some money for cycling.

1. Get rid of the DMV.

Yes, that’s right, let’s get rid of silly driver’s licenses and license plates.

But people will go crazy out there.

“The DMV is responsible for registering vehicles and for promoting public safety on California’s streets and highways by issuing driver licenses.”



Get outside and ride a bike in a dangerous area of LA or San Diego.

Guess what? It’s a nightmare all ready.

As I learned slowing traffic down makes us safer. That’s it.

Pieces of plastic in one’s wallet and aluminum rectanges on one’s car do NOT make us safer.

It’s a total waste of money.

Here’s why. When was the last time you got harassed by a motorist and you get the “plate number” and called it in?

If your life is like mine, hilarity ensued.


Even if you have it on camera, what are you going to do? March up to the mayor’s office with an envelope and a tape of corruption?

It’s silly.

Also, as for driver’s licenses, police don’t site you for it until you do something wrong like kill someone. By then, the cat’s out of the bag.

After that, what next? You can drive again. Who will know?

This happens all the time and the notion of licenses does NOT make us safer so let’s get rid of them.

If we do that we get almost a billion dollars a year!

“The Governor’s budget proposes total expenditures of $967 million (including capital outlay expenditures) to support DMV in 2012-13…”

This is PER YEAR!

I suggest we stop wasting time on things that clearly do not work and start doing things that work.


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