Motoring As a Belief System

Often there are things in our lives which are actually beliefs, but we take them to be “realistic”.

The motoring transportation system is one of them.

There are many, many beliefs which are associated with motoring. In this post, I’ll talk about a very small number of them.

The Fight Club Rule: That is, the first thing about motoring is that we don’t talk about it as motoring. It’s just normal. Thus, to even speak or write about motoring as a belief system will get most people thinking that I hate cars or that I’m some kind of radical with an “agenda”.

If it’s radical to try to understand and to write about our world as it is, then, yes, I’m radical.

Motoring is a huge, huge, huge part of our world. If you just assume that the car is relegated to a plaything of the rich, which it was initially, the world looks vastly, vastly different as to be unrecognizable.

Just think about not having a car. Don’t think about living out in the middle of nowhere, like you do now, with no way of getting anywhere. Imagine that anywhere is right outside so you can walk to it.

Imagine the quiet, the lack of pollution, the open spaces which are preserved. Imagine all the sons who are alive today because we weren’t controlling the Middle East for oil.

Imagine that suburbanization never happened to the extent that it did so you can ride your bicycle to the country in under an hour.

Imagine not having to freak out every time a child goes near the road because there’s no danger. Imagine no stop signs and no stop lights as these are made by motorists to mitigate some of the danger of other motorists to themselves.

Oops, I didn’t mean to veer off in this direction, I wanted to talk about what is real rather than some counter-factual historical writing, although the latter is kind of awesome.

I’ll stop here because I know it sounds like Utopia, but it’s not somehow.

No, things are way better now…

I only wrote about one belief, but there are many more to talk about in future posts…


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