Cycle Fop

The cycling world is full of controversies for some reason. It seems that even the simplest ideas get tons of opinions and debate.

One of them is the notion of clothing.

I love this debate because when you search and replace the arguments with “car” hilarity ensues:

“What clothing should I buy for driving my car?”

“If I wear a suit in my car then other people are going to think that since they don’t look nice in a suit then they are going to be stuck taking the bus.”

Yes, these are the things we love to argue about. And since I love gossip and argument, I am in my element. 🙂

I first got involved in cycling foppery in the late nineties when I was obsessed with the writings of William Burroughs.

He always looked stylish in a suit, and thus, I tried to emulate this look, but in a lesser manner by wearing a pressed white shirt and dress slacks everywhere. I thought nothing of wearing this while I rode my bicycle.

Little did I know that a few years later there would be a whole movement known as Cycle Chic.

Nor did I realize that on the other end of the spectrum there would be those who thought that you had to wear lycra racing gear with sponsor logos all over it even if those companies weren’t even sponsoring you.

But while I did touring, I did wear some excellent bicycle pants which were relatively warm, but still comfortable on warmer days and best of all, super fast drying.

For a full year after I moved to San Diego, I wore the same pants nearly every day.

Only on special occasions did I wear nicer clothes for which I got tons of compliments. Most of all, I realized that it made my princess happy to be seen with a man who didn’t dress like a complete bum.

But what really made me change my mind was my mid-life crisis (mlc) and this conversation between Patrice O’ Neal and Gallager.

Note that I find everyone on the show to be offensive except for Patrice who is really awesome–the only comic I’d really like to hang out with if he hadn’t died.

So you don’t have to listen to all 14 parts of the interview, but just trust that Patrice inspired me when he started talking about how Gallager needed to raise his game and to dress better since he was older.

Since I am Patrice’s age, I realized that I, too, need to stop wearing goofy clothes, to stop dressing like a bum, and to start dressing like an adult.

Thus, I am in a clothing renaissance, but since Cycle Chic is all ready taken, I’m rollin with Cycle Fop.


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